Tokyo is beautiful on its own and there is no doubt in that! That said, if you want to see things more quaint and colorful, you should consider escaping outside the city for a day! Although there are many day tripping places you can go to from Tokyo, I have personally enjoyed 2 of them very much; Nikko and Hakone!

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These two locations can also be made as weekend getaways. They have plenty to showcase and will give a great angle for aspiring photographers!


Nikko is about 140 Km and is less than 3 hours from Tokyo. Ideally, if you do have time, make it a 2-day activity so that you take the full 2 day pass and enjoy the outskirts of Nikko as well. Nevertheless, a day can give you a great idea of Nikko.

The Iconic Nikko Bridge

Nikko has several temples, gardens, onsens and shrines (Toshogu Shrine most importantly!) and during peak autumn it is one of the most beautiful Japanese sites to go to! There are Japanese gardens that you shouldn’t miss!

Tip – Nikko will be slightly colder than Tokyo and hence one needs to plan accordingly. There are many discounted Day and 2 Day passes you may consider to make the best use of your time and money.

Buying a Nikko Pass is the best way to go about it!

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Nikko Pass – How to go to Nikko from Tokyo?


Hakone is less than 2 hours from Tokyo. If you are all for Onsens/hot springs, then Hakone is a go-to destination for Japanese Onsens!

In addition to the Onsens, it is also the best place to see volcanic valleys, lakes, views of Mount Fuji and museums. There are several hiking trails too!

Volcanic Valley in Hakone

Although, the locals from Tokyo prefer doing Hakone as an extended overnight getaway, it is also a great opportunity for a day escape!

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Hakone – A perfect day trip itinerary from Tokyo!

Due to time constraints, if you cannot manage to travel to other cities in Japan other than Tokyo, day trips to these two beautiful places will definitely justify your fairy-tale Japanese tour.

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