In addition to the many day trip destinations from Tokyo, Nikko is Japan’s best place to admire the diverse seasonal changes. Travelers love to come here during –

  • April, for hanami (cherry blossom) and
  • November, during the Autumn.

We were here in Autumn and simply loved our time! The colorful deciduous trees dazzle with ease and the Toshogu Shrine adds to its gorgeousness!

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Nikko is less than 140 Kms from Tokyo and can be a wonderful weekend getaway. If you have less time at hand, a day trip will also prove to be equally stunning! This quaint place retains its beauty in every changing season. It is also an amazing choice to escape from Tokyo for a day!

How to Reach? Nikko Free Pass

The most preferred, comfortable, and cost-effective way to go to Nikko from Tokyo is via Tobu Railway. It is also suggested to buy a Nikko Pass (also known as Free Pass) so that the journey is more convenient!

There are 3 options under this Pass.

1) Nikko City Area Pass also known as 2 Day Nikko Pass

If you want to plan a day trip or stay for the short weekend, a City Area Pass (at 2,670 yen) is the best choice. This pass also provides –

  • a round trip ticket from Asakusa Station to Shimoimaichi Station
  • access to the World Heritage loop bus.

This Pass is a good choice if you want to see the Shrines and Temples in Nikko and is often purchased by day trippers!

Nikko City Area Pass

However, if you want to visit the upper mountain areas, it you may want to purchase an All Nikko Pass! 

2) All Nikko Pass also known as Nikko All Area Pass

All Nikko Pass comes at 4,520 yen. This pass allows travelers to access all of Nikko’s natural and historical wonders. The 2 Day Nikko Pass  –

  • includes a return trip between Asakusa Station and Shimoimachi Station
  • is valid for four days of sightseeing
  • allows visitors to travel on any of the bus routes that cover the World Heritage Sites, hiking trails, and Kinugawa Theme Park.
Nikko All Area Pass
3) Theme Park and Nikko City Area Pass

This pass will allow you to take buses and visit the theme park at the Kinugawa Onsen Area in addition to shrines and temples.

Theme Park and Nikko City Area Pass

Tip – You can buy these passes upto a month in advance. However, we bought it (City Area Pass) on the same day we wanted to go! This pass will also give you discounts at a few restaurants and souvenir shops too!

Upgrades to Limited Express Spacia and Revaty Trains (with fewer stops) can be made with a small surcharge on top of the Pass fare. This extra fare is for the mandatory seat reservations.

Tobu Tourist Information Center, Asakusa

They are open 365 days a year (7:20 AM to 7:00 PM).

The staff here speaks English, Chinese, Korean and Thai. All sightseeing information is explained, and they are very patient and helpful.

The pass can be purchased (credit cards accepted) upto a month in advance or can be bought on the same day of visit. It is suggested to go as early as possible to beat the queue.

Although this pass is meant for only foreign tourists, Japanese residents accompanying foreigners can also buy this pass.

Tip – All refunds (if any) are also possible after a small cancellation fee.

In Nikko, don’t miss the ..
Japanese Gardens


Matcha Ice-cream

Day Trips from Tokyo – Nikko and Hakone!

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