Walking through the streets of Macau, I could easily convince myself of being somewhere in the suburbs of Europe! Though the Macanese and Portuguese population exist, the major crowd is that of the native Chinese.  Regardless of this history, Macau is the Vegas of the East! It is one of the few places where one could legally gamble any time any day! Many Macau Casinos are also few of the very unique ones in the world. In our few days in Macau, we saw the insides of several casinos but played in just two of them!

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There are over 35 Casinos in Macau and all are very popular amongst its own customers. I have listed a few Casino favorites which I think fabulous! Each Casino listed below has an exceptional reason for us to fall in love with it.

1) The Grand Lisboa – If you are a Poker Person!

This one is one of the oldest and one the best according to me. There are fewer frills compared to its young budding cousin-casinos. Just like many other casinos, Lisboa too has free entrance and rounds of complimentary soft drinks and appetizers. Lisboa, as the name hints, is more like the European Casinos and would give you a glimpse of the bygone era. In 2007, after Lisboa got itself a makeover, it became even perkier. You shouldn’t however come here if you want the ‘Las Vegas style’ of playing, because this one is marked a bit differently.

Lisboa Casino in Macau

Selling Factor – They have the biggest Poker room in Asia and they are popular for several poker tournaments. Lisboa also has the best players pooling in every evening.

2) Wynn – If you are the Aristocratic and Classy types!

Ever since it opened in 2006, Wynn made a squish in the Casino Souk! This is also where you might want to go if you want the Vegas experience. Wynn Casino is smaller than its competitors, but in the lap of luxury and their most famous Roulette Wheel one might fall in love with the place. The playing rooms are intimate unlike a hangar and will make you feel cozier. Wynn has a reputation for high minimum bets and as long as you keep rolling, the staff will be more than pleased to get you free drinks!

Wynn Macau in daylight

Selling Factor – Wynn has two signature shows – The Dragon of Fortune and the Tree of Prosperity. In addition to that, they always have attractive women dealers at the Poker table.

3) The Grand Venetian – Largest Casino Resort in the World!

The biggest casino; yes, bigger than the biggest in Vegas! I would label it as the “Most extravagant Casino” seen so far! This one is completely fun and is like the whole of Las Vegas shipped to Asia. The whole complex is an image of Venice with 3 canals and few gondolas. There are over 3500 slot machines and 800 gaming tables and with brightly lit areas, the whole gaming involvement is very less intimidating.

The Great Hall – Venetian Macau

Selling Factor – Venetian has a lot of entertainment with shady characters walking around and pretty girls in the gaming area. Besides, the food is excellent and the entire experience you will create is unlike any other casino in Macau.

4) Rio – Masculine Local Favorite!

Rio has a major pool of local crowd loyal to its brand. Men often choose this place for a boys’ get-together. Gaming is always on lower stakes which attracts a certain crowd. With fewer gaming tables and like-minded crowd, the betting is more cherished and elegant.

Rio in the daylight!

Selling Point – Rio is not the touristy or ‘Family-friendly’ casino. This is the place if you wish to talk serious business or want the masculine crowd.

5) Sands Macau – Oldest with a Signature Chandelier!

Sands Macau is one of the oldest establishments in Macau. It also gives a Vegas touch in its working mainly because of its international operator. Live bands and good food can be associated with its reputation. The currently more popular casinos like the Venetian and Wynn were a result of its success. The gambling sections are huge like barns and could be less striking.

The Conventional Sands Casino, Macau

Selling Point – Sands is popular for its huge 36 meter long Chandelier which has over 6000 bulbs and weighs over 45000 kilograms. It is one of the popular attractions in Macau.

6) Altira Macau – Play with the ‘Macau’ view!

Altira Macau was earlier Crown Macau. It is a very tall standing five-star resort that has a lobby on the 38th level giving remarkable views of the city. Hotel-wise, it is relatively small but the casino here, is massive! Like they advertise, they really have over 220 table games and over 500 slots making it a considerably large Casino in Macau!

Altira Macau Facade

Selling Factor – In addition to playing in the casino, the other amenities here are worth having a look at! They have a 2-storied building for spa alone and several restaurants serving epicurean cuisine from all round the globe!

Note – Always gamble for the ‘touristy experience’ of gambling and not with the intention of making or doubling money! Set a small sum to lose; if you win, consider yourself ‘lucky’ else just walk away with your experience! Responsible Gambling is always advised during trips to gambling cities!

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