Stingray in the Red Sea - Hurghada Egypt

We were in Egypt for about 12 days and I loved almost every bit of it. Yet, there was one thing that set my vacation distinguished and that was our short time spent in Hurghada! We came to Hurghada for a short 3 night stay after disembarking our Nile Cruise in Luxor. Nile Cruise was absolutely stunning! Check out on how we did our Nile Cruise.

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Hurghada is a coastal resort city bordering the Red Sea. It is a must if you wish to enjoy some water sports or to simply lounge or tan around the beach. Hurghada has an international airport that connects Cairo and also some European cities directly. You will soon see that Hurghada is very unlike the rest of the country as it is developed with foreign investments for tourism. There is a good Russian majority and the city also hosts several Russian Schools. That said, the tourists are from all over the world -predominantly from Europe and the UK.

Most people come to Hurghada for just a leisure vacation by the sea and to get a good tan. However, it is a good walking town and no one will be jaded here!

Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt
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Water Sports in Hurghada

Most agencies conduct guided water sports at Hurghada. They have a free pickup and drop facility from almost all hotels in Hurghada – which is a very helpful thing! Our main zone of attraction was Scuba diving in the Red sea which we did via one of the PADI certified agencies who picked us up promptly and dropped us back in the evening after two successful dives. The dives were beautiful as the water was crystal clear with high visibility.

Crystal Clear Views in the Red Sea, Hurghada
Crystal Clear Views in Red Sea, Hurghada Egypt

Amongst all the dives I have done in different aquatic zones, this one has been the best for me! I will talk about the activity in another post but I would stress that it is a must do for all water sport adventure seekers.

Scuba Diving in the Red Sea, Hurghada Egypt
Scuba Diving in the Red Sea, Hurghada Egypt

They also welcome Scuba Diving activities for beginners! If you are not much into scuba diving, you can try out snorkeling or just take a tour in one of the glass bottom boats.

There are several resorts and luxury accommodation available along the coast. We stayed at the Grand Seas Resort – Hostmak. It was very good and convenient for all water sports related activities.

Grand Seas HostMark Hurghada
Grand Seas HostMark Hurghada

Shopping and Entertainment

Hurghada also has a traditional Egyptian Bazar for those who won’t be going to Cairo for any shopping. You might want to pick up spices (Cardamom, Egyptian Saffron, etc.) and perfumes to take back home.

Traditional Spice Shops in Old Town, Hurghada Egypt
Traditional Spice Shops in Old Town, Hurghada Egypt

However, if you do happen to go to Cairo, I would suggest all major shopping to be done in Cairo alone, as most of what you want to buy would be slightly cheaper in the Capital.

For anyone staying marginally longer in Hurghada, you should check out the Senzo Mall (for all utilities). This is one mall I can absolutely not forget.

Senzo mall Hurghada Egypt
Senzo mall in Hurghada Egypt

This mall is a major attraction for a tier 2 city of Egypt. It has almost everything starting from entertainment to shopping to food.

There is Spinneys supermarket, several fast food jaunts, other restaurants, multiplex cinema, play area and many other options to keep people engrossed. The highlight of this mall is its free shuttle running on the main street ferrying people several times every day. The stops are in front of all important resorts and land marks and the shuttles are quite regular.

Hurghada Egypt - Main Road
Hurghada Egypt – Main Road

Hurghada is a beautiful coastal town in Egypt. It will give you an excellent beach holiday in midst of some history! Like I said earlier, you will know why it is so different from the rest of Egypt.

While at Egypt, do allocate some time for this sunny coastal city. Give it a shot and you will definitely thank me later!

After our Hurghada holiday, we left to Cairo.

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We were in Hurghada after our Nile Cruise ended in Luxor. We traveled by cab and it was a comfortable ride! Do read on how we did our Nile Cruise –

River Nile Cruise – From Aswan to Luxor

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  1. Wow this is so cool. I’ve been wanting to dive in the Red Sea forever! I went snorkeling in Egypt when I was a teenager, but I’d love to go back and get the full experience.

  2. Great post! I loved the River Nile cruise when I was in Egypt 🙂

  3. I can’t get over how clear these underwater photos are! Hope I can see this place some day!

  4. I’ve never heard of Hurghada before but it looks like a lovely break. The water looks so crystal clear too! Which camera did you use? I’ll check out your Nile cruise post because that also sounds amazing.

  5. Hurghada looks like an awesome place for leisurely trip, still with wide range activities to choose from. Thanks for sharing.

  6. This looks like such an incredible and cultural experience from the scuba diving to the bazar! I’ll definitely be adding this to my list of places to visit.

  7. Recently I´m thinking to go to Egypt (almost went in the winter) and your post makes me dream 🙂 I´m not sure if I´d go for scuba diving, but I´d definitely loooove to take a ride in one of those glass bottom boats <3 Must be beautiful!

  8. Lovely Post and amazing pictures too!!

  9. I can’t believe the underwater beauty! Nice shots, must have been an amazing experience.
    Then again, I also have a soft spot for local shops. That spice shop is calling me!
    Great post, thank you for sharing.

  10. Lovely post, I’ve always wanted to go here.

    1. You should some day – It is beautiful :)..

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