Located in the gorgeous Nainital district, Naukuchiatal is one of the most-loved tourist spots in Uttarakhand. The word Naukuchiatal simply means a lake with nine corners. With a number of beautiful lakes found in the region, the name is perfect. Naukuchiatal sightseeing consists of witnessing spectacular views of the majestic Himalayas, taking in the pleasant sights of placid lakes, discovering rare butterflies and colorful Himalayan birds, and exploring the culture of the region through visits to ancient temples. Out of the umpteen things to see in this mesmerizing location, here is a list containing the most fascinating places that you must visit with your family.

1. Naukuchiatal Lake

An embodiment of serenity, the Naukuchiatal Lake is a sight to behold. With the Himalayan lushness embracing this calm waterbody, a boating ride on it is absolutely enchanting. Your kids will especially love this fun activity. The surrounding vistas and the soothing feeling of floating on the gorgeous lake will remain etched in your memory forever.

Naukuchiatal Lake

2. Jungliagaon

Frequented by wildlife photography enthusiasts, Jungliagaon is a hidden gem in Nainital district. This scenic spot is located just around 8km from Naukuchiatal. Come here in the early hours of the morning to experience utter calm and breathe the pristine Himalayan air. Kids will love spotting many floral and faunal species here, which they learn about in school. In Jungliagaon, go for a picturesque stroll or just sit back and indulge in some bird watching.

3. Mukteshwar

A secluded town found nearly 40km away from Naukuchiatal, Mukteshwar is where you will experience a blend of nature and culture. The region is nestled among coniferous forests and fruit orchards, with Mukteshwar Temple as its main attraction. Devotees from all over the nation come here to worship Lord Shiva. You can also witness outstanding views of the Nanda Devi Peak from here.

Mukteshwar Naukuchiatal

4. Hanuman Temple/Vaishno Devi Temple

Among the many places to visit in Naukuchiatal, the famous Hanuman Temple is a treat for spiritual souls. Bring your kids here to teach them about Hindu mythology and culture. Upon reaching here, you will be welcomed by a 52-foot high statue of the presiding deity, Lord Hanuman. The splendid views of the Himalayas form the backdrop of this temple, thereby adding an extra element of beauty to your religious visit.

Where to stay

You could choose one amongst many resorts in Naukuchiatal. The wonderful Club Mahindra Naukuchiatal resort for a complete holiday experience. This is close to most attractions as well has all modern amenities and comfort. Go through the Club Mahindra Reviews of travelers who have stayed here to know what they have to say about their experience with the resort.

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Do plan a vacation Naukuchiatal and have a pleasant and memorable stay at Naukuchiatal Resort in Uttarakhand with family.

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