If you are looking for the fundamentals to experience whilst in Dubai then do check out my article on the Must do things in Dubai. 

If you have done all the basics to get the vibe of Dubai, or have extra time, or feel more adventurous, then you can deviate a bit and do something more offbeat. Most of the listed activities below are, again, very distinct to Dubai!

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1) Burj Al Arab – Indulge in an Afternoon Tea with a view!

To take a sneak peek inside the world’s most elite hotel you need to be their guest! You can of course choose to stay here but the less expensive way to take a glimpse of this hotel would be to visit them for a round of Afternoon tea at their Skyview Bar!

Although they do serve high-tea at their regular restaurants, Skyview Bar is where you should head to! Located on the 27th floor, it will give interesting views of the open sea and some faded views of the city in general. Keep in mind that there is an extra 100 AED if you want window seating for the afternoon tea.

Burj Al Arab - Afternoon Tea
Don’t miss the high-tea!

For the 500 AED odd you pay, you start with a single glass of champagne, choices of high quality hot and cold beverages, pastries, cookies, fruits, sandwiches, fresh scones, condiments and similar stuff arranged in a beautiful BAA style snack rack.

Tip – Check the time slots and follow the formal dress code! They are closed on Fridays!

2) Dubai Dolphinarium – Swim with the Dolphins!

As long as you are over 5 years of age and know to swim, you can try this activity which is carried out under good supervision. I didn’t swim with the dolphins because that needs a pre-booking; and all slots were filled. That said, we all had a great time watching the Dolphin Show.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Dolphin and Seal Show happens on most days of the week. The conductors and Dolphins do a great job executing the 45 minutes show! Dolphins and Seals perform incredible acrobatics, dance, sing, juggle, play ball, jump through hoops and even paint!

Tip – All these pretty friends are taken really good care of and are looked after very well!

3) Rent a Ferrari – Go for Dubai’s affordable luxury!

In Dubai, renting a Ferrari or a Lamborghini for a short time is a cool possibility! With close to 1000 AED, you could rent it for an hour! If you just need it for 20 minutes for a quick experience of speeding, you could do that too for a much lesser price!

Rent a Ferrari

There are several companies in Dubai willing to let you rent expensive cars for a fraction of your home country price! Do strike a good bargain as often times the deals are on!

4) Skydive – Take a tandem jump over the Jumeriah!

A tandem skydive is the swiftest and coolest way to experience the excitement of free-fall at over 120 miles per hour. All this is while being firmly attached in a harness to one of the world-class instructors at site.

It will be even more beautiful when you are doing it over the Jumeriah! The actual view of the iconic design is not possible to see unless you skydive here.

Tip – A tandem skydive at the Desert Campus may cost you AED 1699 but at the Palm it will be about 1999 AED. Skydiving packages at both locations will include photos and a professionally edited video of the activity.

5) Chill Out Dubai – Spend a few minutes at the Sub Zero Lounge Bar!

Dubai has everything – the biggest, the tallest, the hottest and now the COLDEST! Yes, everything in the lounge is made of ice. The seats, the tables, some of the serve ware, lighting, the sculptures…

Beautifully done ice sculptures – Chill Out Dubai

Don’t worry about the minus 6 degree temperature of the lounge you will be entering! All visitors get ample thermal clothing – hooded parka, woolen gloves, shoes and socks to keep themselves warm.

The entry will cost you about 75AED and will include a free hot drink – We remember having hot chocolate which wasn’t very good in taste though.

The experience at Chill Out is more than you can ask for in a desert like Dubai!

Executing items in this list will make more sense if you have done and seen the nitty-gritties of Dubai. Dubai’s Desert Safari, Dhow cruise, the Burj Khalifa, the souks and the malls are a few things to begin with. They will, at the outset, give you the first essence of the place.

Do check out my post on Must do things in Dubai.

Dubai Basics – Must do things in Dubai

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  1. I often travel to Dubai on various business trip and tried out various different lounge bars in Dubai during this trip, but I have never heard of Sub Zero Lounge Bar this ice cool type lounge exist in Dubai, I will surely try out this lounge on my next visit to Dubai.

  2. I really want to do the afternoon tea at the Burj al Arab. Not sure I am brave enough for the skydiving.

  3. I was in Dubai the 1st time last November and only managed to do all the usual basic things. I should go back and try all these offbeat things the next time.

  4. I would love to visit Dubai along with the UAE someday. Skydiving there sounds amazing!

  5. I would love to do a skydive in Dubai, it seems like the best place to that, jumping out over the palm must be pretty amazing! 🙂 Great list, I would not support the dolphin place though, even though you said they were taken care of, dolphins should not be held in captivity.

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