My husband and I are not “party animals” and that is why Goa never impressed us that much! On the other hand, we are not religious either which is why the overly astounding churches and temples don’t fascinate us enough! To add to this, we don’t enjoy the beach-shacks and we are vegetarians too!

If you are like us or anywhere close to that, you still have things you can do in Goa. Goa is not reserved for only booze, dance, parties and churches! It is much more than that; a definitely fascinating Indian state!

So why would people like us go to Goa?

1) To invest time in the serene beaches of South Goa

Goa can be a non-violent, non-alcoholic vacation too. Ditch North Goa for once and be at peace. Get some alone time for the love of yourself. Most captivating upmarket hotels and villas are also located in the South of Goa.

Offbeat things to do!

Watch the sunset! If you are bored, pick up some leisure water sports. Most resorts will let you rent their water scooters.

2) To experience the luxury of the floating-casinos in Panjim

Casino carnival, Casino Royale etc. are just some famous ones to name. These are indeed brilliantly maintained floating casino cruises. Don’t forget, it is just not the décor – there is remarkable food too! The décor and the whole experience of taking you from the river banks to the cruise in a jetty and thereafter, will make you fall in love! Some of these companies will offer you free chips to play as a part of the entry fee. Some days are women enter free!

Casino Royale Goa

Go there even if you don’t play. You will get an edge about what Goa proposes other than booze and parties.

3) Perhaps rent an old Portuguese house for a day!

Okay, so if you are done with all the 5 stars and the fancy beach resorts, it is time for you to try renting an old Portuguese villa the next time you are in Goa! These villas are quaint and will help you to be away from the mad tourist crowd for a change!

Do check out Airbnb for some great fairy-tale options to understand what you can probably rent.

4) To eat some real Goan cuisine!

Oh yes, vegetarians are eligible too! Goan food is not only FISH or Pork Vindaaloo, it has a lot of vegetarian options too. Seafood definitely has a big influence, but it is not a food cartel! So, don’t shy, do venture out and explore some local alternatives suiting your diet. If you are a veggie, try out the tendli bhaji, varan bhaat, Kokam Sherbat or just ask what best to eat.

Vegan options!

5) To scuba dive around an old ship wreck

There are many ship wrecks around the Goan coast. Some date 500 years back to the Portuguese era. Rent a Scuba diving outfit where you can also learn more about the ship wreck locations to explore. This is mostly around the Mormugao harbor, near Bat and Grande Island. You can see saltwater lagoons that have corals and multi-colored fish. There are, however, no long-lost treasures in any of these wrecks. They were all looted ages ago!

6) To watch a Tiatr

In Konkani, Tiatr is the local Goan theatre. In Marathi you may call it ‘Nataks’. So, what happens if you happen to be part of the majority percentage of the population that doesn’t speak Konkani? Try taking a Konkani-speaking Goan along with you to run a translation.

Check out the Tiatr

Most of the plays are funny take-offs on the existing socio-economic and radical topics in Goa, besides other things like love, sex and the like. There are item songs (unlike the Hindi movies ofcourse) which stab fun at the politicians. They say that most Tiatrs are backed by rival politicians to entertain the voters. Indeed, a very unique Goan art that you shouldn’t miss!

PIN to read later – Offbeat things to do in Goa

Well, these are more than enough offbeat reasons to go to Goa!

Don’t forget to buy summer cloths and beach-wears in Goa. They are dirt cheap if you can strike a bargain! Also, do eat some sticky buns and buy some Bebinca before you leave!

So next time, don’t say you are a teetotaler or a vegetarian. Goa is unquestionably for everyone!

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  1. Nice one ! Rent an old Portuguese house and experience of Goan theatre are some new tips for me.
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