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Before I went to Santorini, I made a list of the must do things for a very short time I had there! It was important because I wanted to experience Santorini to the fullest! I wanted to get lost in the streets of Oia, take a hike from Fira to Oia, experience Santorini buses, rent a quad bike in Fira, go to the black pebble Kamari beach, drink some Greek Wines, and of course WATCH THE SUNSET from the best location possible …  :)….

Santorini Shore Excursion Ideas – Independent Cruise Passengers

Why Santo Wines for Sunset? Why Not Oia?

Oia is no doubt the most important and beautiful location in the whole of the island! I cannot stress how much I loved being in Oia. You have beautiful coffee shops and bars where you can spend your time or just walk in one of its many quaint streets! But coming to the Sunset, you may find Oia to be overcrowded when the sun is going down. There are a few coffee shops in Oia where you can have a good sunset experience.

Santorini for Cruisers – How to go to Oia?

However, all of these cater smaller crowd. Also, considering that you would have spent long times in Oia, it is time you change your idea of the ‘Santorini picture’.

Go to Pyrgos – get into Santo Winery and have the best sunset sights ever! You will thank me for the best Caldera views!

Sunset Wine Tasting at Santo Wines!

Santorini has a decent number of wineries contributing to the list of Greek Wines. Most of these wineries are good and will also let you tour around their vineyards. But if you are short of time and want to definitely taste the Greek wines, you must combine it with some beautiful views of the island (sunset views would be incredible). This way you can justify being in Santorini and enjoying the beauty of the island together with some Greek wine tasting! We wanted to do Santo Wines mainly for this!

Santorini - View from Santo Wines Pyrgos
Santorini – View from Santo Wines Pyrgos

In my opinion Santo Winery gave us the best views of the caldera with the lovely setting sun! The remarkable wines served alongside only added to the experience!

Go there even if you don’t drink!

You should go to Santo Winery even if you don’t drink wine! My husband doesn’t drink alcohol. Although upon insisting, he did sip a few from my flight of 12 but he had his own cappuccino and Tapas to enjoy! They cater to most of your requirements and you can also have an amazing Mediterranean meal here.

Flight of 12 Wines - Santo Wines Pyrgos Santorini
Flight of 12 Wines – Santo Wines Pyrgos Santorini

I came here for the Greek Wines; little did I know the beauty of this place would take over the tasting!

Some Facts/ Tips from my Visit

When did we go? – We tried them late September 2016.

What time? We came here an hour before the sunset

What did we have? Flight of 12 wines which was served with a mini Tapas platter (med olives, Cheese, tomato paste and croutons) and Cappuccino.

View of the Sunset at Santo Wines, Santorini!
View of the Sunset at Santo Wines, Santorini!

Which were the 12 wines? – They showcase their best wines in combination of reds, whites, semisweet and dessert wines. For eg: if you order 12, you get one sweet and one semi sweet and rest split between whites and reds.

What if I can’t drink 12! – They have options to choose. You can try a flight of 6.

Can we share the wines? Not if you order a flight of 6! They will let you share if you order flight of 12 or 16. If you don’t want to taste, you can also buy one of their bottles and share! A good bottle will start from EUR 10.

What did the Wine tasting cost us? –A flight of 12 with Tapas was about 27 EUROS.

Did we take the Winery tour? – No. That has to be booked in advance on their website.

Should I visit Santo if I don’t drink Wine? – Ofcourse you should! The place will give you amazing views of the island which you will remember for the rest of your life!

Do they Sell Wines to take back? Yes, they have a Deli Shop and sell most things they have in the menu. They also pack it travel-safe!

How did I know of Santo Wines? – I came across some google images and made it a point to go there while I was in Santorini

How can you go to Santo Wines?

You could go quad biking from Fira. It is just a 10 minutes ride. You could also take a taxi from Fira or even better would be to take the bus! Buses are cheap and it would stop right in front of the winery gate.

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Buses in Santorini


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  2. Greece is still on my to-do list and I will love to come here! Lovely photos also! Just double check your images – they were not loading on my side – so just a heads up! 🙂

    1. Thanks for letting me know Charmaine!

  3. I was thinking of Greece today! I miss it so much! I haven’t been to Santorini but experienced other Greek Islands…. Sunsets are always incredible and I can even imagine myself eating a kebab on the beach… Yummy! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Santorini is amazing for sunsets… :)..

  4. I love good wine! Recently saw an Anthony Bourdain episode on Greece and the wines sounded so amazing! I am going to put the Santo winery on my to do list. That view is gorgeous too!

    1. The sunset view is very good from here :)… regarding the wines, I find these Greek wines a bit less addictive than the French or the Italian

  5. What an amazing location for a wine tasting! That view is incredible! I’ve never been a huge fan of Greek wine, but I’d be up for sampling a few more, just to be sure 😉

    1. The view is indeed very good! Wines are okay – a bit less interesting compared to the Chianti ofcourse 🙂

  6. You had me at wine but throw in some gorgeous Greek sunsets and I am 110% sold. Great read and very inspiring. I’ve been through Europe three times now and have yet to visit Greece. It’s sad I know.

    1. Oh you should!.. You will love Greece in contrary to everything they show on TV 🙂 🙂

  7. I have to say, I’m not a huge wine drinker, but Santorini looks so gorgeous I now really want to visit!

  8. Awesome! I’m leaving for Santorini in two weeks. Thanks for the great recommendations

    1. Thanks 🙂

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