When we (myself, husband and parents) reached Cape Town to spend a month with my brother, we were quite impressed with the Ariel view of the city as our plane landed. The beautiful mountains, the tall nice-looking buildings fit well within the marvelous landscape of the country along the beautiful white sand beaches lining the glass-blue ocean! These things were just very pleasing to the eye. After my brother picked us up from the airport, we were driven straight to Strand where he stayed! I had heard of the Strand Beach mostly as a holiday resort and little did I know that his apartment on the 11th floor faced the most beautiful part of the ocean and gave mesmerizing views of the tiny town!

Strand Town

Well yes, Strand is a petite town. It is closer to Somerset West and falls under the Cape Town municipality. However, it is still miles away from the busy city of Cape Town. Strand made me wonder how brilliant it would be to live marginally away from the city – observe that stunning beach almost every moment, learn from the surfers, and of course see the sunset every other day! I could just live in strand forever and probably go to the beach every day and blog at peace.

Strand Beach, Cape Town, South Africa
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What to expect at Strand?

As a picnicker or a day tripper, you will be happy to know that the beach is massive. You will for sure find a decent place to spread out and enjoy your time. There are toilets, ample car parks and convenience stores on the beach road. The beach vicinity will ensure all necessities during your tour. There is also a small swimming pool that you might want to use as a family if bored from the salty waters of the Atlantic.

Crisp Waters of Strand Beach!

If you plan to vacation longer around Strand, there are a lot of holiday apartments. These could be rented for a week or more and most of them have stunning ocean views. For all you know, you may end up to be in the balcony of your apartment the whole day!

Tip – Somerset mall is a very short drive away and you may pick up your groceries and conveniences from here.

Everyone has that remarkable photo opportunity at Strand. If you are renting an apartment by the sea, remember to seize those early morning and late evening views. You will, for sure, remember the time spent at Strand for very long!

Sunset at Strand

What can you do at Strand?

Well depending on what your objective for the trip is you can do several things at strand –

  • If I was renting an apartment by the beach, I would walk my mornings and evenings as long as I could!
  • On days when I have ample time at hand, I would take a shot at surfing or paragliding. I loved to see excellent surfers like nowhere else, at Strand! If you are a great surfer yourself, this is where you should be. If you are not, then probably you could learn a trick or two of the sport at the surfing school – Yes, they have one here!
  • There are dive centers which will help you have an amazing diving experience.
  • If I were a day tripper, I would love to get my picnic basket with some gourmet South African reds and employ my entire day gazing into the sea.
  • I would suggest families with kids to try out the amusement park. The park is also sheltered from the wind.

    Strand Activities
  • If ever I felt energetic, I would play some cricket with those interested. Many even choose to play beach volleyball and other sports in the arid area!
  • I might book a game of golf at the Strand Golf course on days I am bored at the sea. That would however be a rare possibility for me but you could consider this idea.
  • I would walk on the main road and see around the many nifty shops!
  • Most assertively, I would not forget to capture the spectacular turquoise blue ocean with some essence of the mountains around the edges and keep those shots to treasure!
Strand Beach in the Day
To conclude ..

Strand, in Afrikaans, means beach and this one is a massive one outfitting thousands of soaring tourists every day! If you are a beach lover, water sports enthusiast, sunny photographer, or even just a ‘do-nothing-at-all’ person, you will love your time spent at the Strand beach.

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  1. Strand Beach sounds absolutely idyllic! I love that there are so many activities to do, the perfect mix of a relaxing and exciting holiday.

  2. I will definitely be bookmarking this because I would really love to go to South Africa. Thanks for the great post and the beach looks so fun!

  3. Damn ! I’ve been to Cape Town but I totally missed Strand Beach 🙁 The Strands beautiful white sand ! Cape Town is a real breath of fresh air. During our time there it was beautifully sunny every day, with nice coastal breeze to keep you cool. I definitely need to go back and visit these spots for a better view.

  4. This honestly sounds like the perfect place to do everything! I’d totally stroll here for hours, perfect way to start (or end) the day! And, I mean, who wouldn’t want to learn how to dive here? I’ve never played cricket before but a first time for everything right?!

  5. Strand Beach is gorgeous!! While I tend to be someone who likes to walk the beach, I don’t tend to get too involved in activities. However, this beach might just inspire me to join in those beach volleyball games you mentioned (though I’d leave the paragliding to more adventurous folks). I love that they have a dive center there to prepare you to take to the waters, and, of course, those sunsets look gorgeous. I can see myself grabbing one of those South African red wines and a picnic basket and having a lovely water-side dinner. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I knew the beachside city to be a quintessential party place but you sure did show a different side of the town. Beautiful is an understatement. Loved the pictures and write up. Thanks for this awesome share!

  7. Love the view of the town – looks almost like a postcard! I had never heard of the Strand, but it seems like a fun place for a day out 🙂

  8. I’ve heard so many amazing things about cape town! great post

  9. I really want to visit South Africa and Strand seems like the place to really wind down! thank you for sharing 🙂

  10. Wow I didn’t spend enough time here whenever I was in Cape Town. Definitely need to head back!

  11. Strand town looks so beautiful! I thought I had explored Cape Town well enough but this post makes me want to travel back. Thanks for the well articulated post.

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