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This year my husband and I made a trip to China and we got to spend 4 eventful days in Shanghai. I have collected a list of things you could do while you are there especially if you are a new vacationer to China. Of course, we did a lot more than these, but if you want to know Shanghai in short, then below are the things you can’t miss!

1) Go to the Bund

One wouldn’t miss going to the Bund while in Shanghai. It is the symbolic waterfront (Pudong Side) that speaks of Shanghai as a city so unique to itself.

Shanghai Bund View - Early Morning
Shanghai Bund View – Early Morning

You can witness the city with its beautiful collection of outlandish high-rise buildings with the Huangpu River flowing across resonant to several cruise ships and other vessels. You might as well want to take one of the evening cruises to experience the night view of Shanghai. Even if you think you are running out of time, you must somehow try and see both the day and night views of the city and Bund would be an ideal location to do that.

Shanghai Bund View - Night
Shanghai Bund View – Night

Just as serene as it is during the day, it is equally magical in the night with dizzy running lights.

2) Take a day trip to Zhujiajiao

If you are one of them who have come to Shanghai to experience being a part of the Chinese dynasties then all you need is a short trip to Zhujiajiao. I know it is not easy to pronounce it, but won’t take you long to learn it either. We took our pre-booked cab to this place, but you may also take a bus from People’s square which would be a lot cheaper than a taxi. Though it is just an hour from Shanghai, it is totally opposite to the fast moving life of the city. Here you would find a primeval river with the villagers staying on the banks.

Zhujiajiao, Shanghai China
Zhujiajiao, Shanghai China

The place is filled with history and you will see the village is very introverted! This is also called the Venice of China and you can take a gondola like boat for about a 30 min ride in the river. I would suggest buying knickknacks here if you think you have found something interesting – It is way cheaper than the main city if you think you want to go back and re-check the rates.

3) The Old Town in Shanghai – Nanshi

If you love seeing Asian Markets, then this is the place for you. Souvenirs, Food, shopping – you just name it! Of course, this side of Shanghai needs some haggling skills for buying souvenirs and you must be watchful of the numerous scams Nanshi has to offer. But leaving these apart, it is a must see place for typical ancient Chinese Architecture and the shops and culture will manifest a 200 year history in the vicinity.

Shanghai Old Town
Shanghai Old Town

From the Huangpu River coast, it won’t take you more than 15 minutes to be here. Oh yeah, there are tons of eateries around – assorted Chinese snacks, dumplings (not to be missed) and of course Starbucks and Dairy Queen for those missing some luxury!

4) Shanghai Tower

I always need some kind of an outing that includes overlooking the landscape of the city from a high-rise building. If that is true with you too, then you need to climb up (not literally!) the Shanghai Tower which is the tallest and swankiest viewing point in Shanghai. Go there during the twilight and it is all worth your money!

5) East Nanjing Road

East Nanjing Road is lively with action at all times.  Cars are not permitted here and wherever you go there is some shopping to do around you. As this is also the nearest subway station to the Bund, you might possibly walk past it not knowing you are there.

Nanjing Shanghai
Nanjing Shanghai

All big names and brands are exemplified on Nanjing Road. To add to this, there are interesting eateries around. It is certainly an overvisited place, however; if you want to witness the heart of Chinese consumerism and some more upbeat illuminations than the Times Square then you might want to stop over at the Nanjing Road East.

The Subway connectivity in Shanghai is excellent and regardless of where you stay you can always hop on these explore the city!

Shanghai Subway
Shanghai Subway
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  1. So…how exactly *do* you pronounce Zhujiajiao?? 🙂
    Looks like a marvelous city- the photo of the nighttime cruise is absolutely jaw-dropping and now I think I have to go add that to my bucket list…

  2. I thought I’d seen everything in Shanghai but I still haven’t been to Zhujiajiao. I guess I’ll have to add it to my next trip when I head down there from Beijing!

  3. Great tips of what to see and loved your pictures. There is so many things to do in Shanghai that I never knew about.

  4. Loving all the photos!! The skyline reminds me of HK but a bit “weirder” with the structures! Zhujiajiao and Nanshi look like a dream though!! The set of a movie!

  5. Wonderful photos and a great list of things to do in Shanghai. It is a place I have always thought would be great to visit, always a good thing when they have a good subway system. I would probably hang out at East Nanjing Road. 🙂

  6. What a great list of things to do in Shanghai! China hasn’t really been on my radar very much but this makes me want to visit! I think the most interesting thing for me would be Zhujiajiao. It sounds like it’s right up my alley.

  7. I’ve never been to Shanghai but I have heard a lot of glitz and glamour of the city. The Bund looks really crazy. I’m a bit skeptical about visiting though because of the pollution levels as well as the amount of “fake food” that is available in China. I have been to Guangzhou and was coughing a lot as well as ate mostly in the hotel because the food outside that I tried didn’t taste edible to me. The cute boats and traditional architecture does look nice though. Was it crowded there?

  8. Nice comprehension of must sees in an around Shanghai. I visited Shanghai already and saw most of the spots you recommended. Next time I definitely want to make it to Zhujiajiao. Thank for the inspiration!

  9. Wonderful post! I love, love all the pictures…beautiful..

    1. Thanks.. glad you liked them! 🙂

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