Day Trips from Tokyo – Nikko and Hakone!

Tokyo is beautiful on its own and there is no doubt in that! That said, if you want to see things more quaint and colorful, you should consider escaping outside the city for a day! Although there are many day …

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How to write a Visa Covering Letter – Schengen or Others?

While some embassies make it mandatory to submit a visa covering letter, not all will require you to submit one. However, whether or not they have ask for it, I always attach a covering letter along with my visa documents …


Things to do in Bodrum Turkey

Bodrum Peninsula – Turkey’s Outlandish Holiday Destination!

Most people first think of Istanbul when they hear ‘Turkey’! Istanbul is a typical city and there is a lot more of Turkey than just that. This country has a lot to offer if you choose to go beyond the …

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