The lounge was definitely Above Ground Level for me!

It is very amusing that every time we are in the airport and regardless of whether the travel is international or domestic, we choose to go the Plaza Premium Lounge instead of Above Ground Level (AGL). I am still very unsure why we never tried this lounge and why everyone highly recommends Plaza as the better option! All this is in-spite of the fact that Plaza is ever crowded. Although, Plaza Premium Lounge has acceptable seating, adequate snacks and shower area I have always found that their customer service and quality of refreshments has declined over the years. This could also be due to the heavy tie-ups with different credit card companies leading to big crowds.

A month back when we were travelling to Tokyo via the Bangalore airport, we decided to give Above Ground Level lounge a try! I am glad we did this – and now, this is my new favorite lounge.

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We were there around 10:00PM on a Thursday and the lounge had relatively low occupancy. The lady at the reception was very polite, professional and allowed us to have a look at the lounge before we planned to use it. We took less than a minute to evaluate inside and totally loved the place.

The First Look!


The lounge has a slightly formal ambiance with some cultural vibes blended.

The sculpted decor!

The décor is quite pleasing, and the place is well kept! They have comfortable chairs and tables for those wanting to enjoy a snack or a meal. They also have high bar chairs with an airport view to enjoy your drink.

High Chairs!

Additionally, if you just want to rest for a while, they have a few comfortable recliners. I loved this area where every recliner zone is distinctly private.



I loved the food/refreshments spread. I saw a lot of options for vegetarians (Indian, Asian and Western). There were some bite sized appetizers, salad options, breads, curries, rice, noodles and several desserts. This was in addition to the packaged snacks, water, sodas, alcohol and hot beverages.

Food Buffet!

I didn’t notice any live counters, so I am not sure if there was one (just in case you are comparing it with Plaza premium). That said, taste and variety wise, I totally recommend the food here.

Staff and Service

I found the staff to be gracious and more than willing to help. They were very obliging, and were extra nice to us; more than we actually deserved that service! They also requested feedback from willing customers. It was evident that they were trying to make the lounge an even better place for the regulars!

Coffee with Biscuits!


The washrooms here were clean and had lit up diffusers but I still felt that there was some scope of improvement to make it more desirable. I am not sure if showers were available here.

Opening Hours and Location

This lounge is open 24 hours and is Air-side of International Departures. The lounge is located on Level 1, near Gate 18.

Lounge Tie-ups

Above Ground Level (AGL) Lounge has tie-ups with first/business class passengers travelling from partnered airlines. This lounge also has a tie-up with Priority Pass and MasterCard (issued in India) holding customers. You may also pay and use this lounge facility.

View at the reception

To wind it up, I would say the AGL lounge provides an amazing service combined with comfortable seating, recharging stations, good food and drinks and a business center facility. I definitely recommend this lounge if you are waiting for your connecting flight.

Note – This is NOT a sponsored review. We used MasterCard access for entry. 

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