Amongst the multiple lounge options in Bangkok Airport, I will highly recommend the Air France KLM Lounge! This is also a Priority Pass lounge for those of you wanting a beautiful discounted (or free) lounging experience.

If you have a short layover and if you want a lounge for good food and comfortable seats, then Air France KLM Skylounge it is!

Location and Ambiance

This lounge is located (Airside) of international departures in Concourse F on the 3rd floor near Gate F2 (West Side). The lounge is open 24 hours with free entry for children under 2! They have dedicated work stations available along with complimentary massage chairs. The staff is first-class, and the lounge also has some seats with a good airport view. Most of their lounging seats have privacy.

Choice of Individual seating cubes.

They do have acceptable Shower facility, however, if your main requirement is to take a shower, I will recommend the Miracle First Class Lounge in Concourse D. This lounge has spacious private shower facilities that seem more of a treat! So, if Showering is your concern go to Miracle at Concourse D and then come here to eat!


I was at Air France – KLM SkyLounge around the end of November and the lounge was a lot less crowded, comparatively, around 6:00 PM. They had a lot of European food in the buffet with vegetarian selections as well. The dessert here was fantastic.

Stuff I couldn’t resist bringing from the Buffet – Shared between the two of us!

I wasn’t hungry that day, so I really missed out on a lot of great food they had laid! There was an array of amazing French breads, pasta, pizza, bruschetta, range of appetizers, baked dishes, casserole dishes, fresh fruits and not to forget the appealing desserts!

Oops! … The Cold Raw Papaya and Shrimp Salad that I accidentally picked up thinking it was Vegetarian!

There were enough choices for hot and cold beverages along with choices for alcoholic drinks.


My take on this Lounge

Air France KLM lounge is excellent if you want to have some peaceful time with good seats/recliners, great food selection and of course some privacy. The staff at the reception and inside were very gracious and welcoming! This is by far one of the few best lounges in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, for my taste!

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The other good Priority Pass accepted lounge is Miracle First Class Lounge in Concourse D.


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