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A Guest Post by Ola Gołuzd

I guess wherever in the world we are going, one of the biggest concerns is what to pack and how to prepare. It is something that stresses all travellers out there, isn’t it? We should definitely treat packing seriously and allow sufficient time to pack, buy and prepare everything we need, before embarking on our exciting journeys. I believe the more you travel, the more experienced you become and after a fair amount of travelling, you are absolutely sure what and how to pack.

However, what about people who are just starting to travel and have no idea about packing? Don’t worry, here are some minimalist packing tips that I hope you will find useful!

But before you start packing…

Consider where you are going and what you are going to do!

That is the first point on the list!  Are you going skiing in the Alps, sunbathing on a beach in Bali or sightseeing from the early morning till late night in China? Check out the region you are going to, its weather, characteristics, and useful tips – there are a plethora of them on the Internet. At the very least, you need to be fairly familiar with the region before you start packing. Think about the activities you want to do – you will need different clothes, shoes, medicines etc. for different activities.

Allow sufficient time to pack and make lists

This is vital. Allowing sufficient time to pack and preparing a thorough list of things you need to take, will leave you feeling in control and if you plan early, you will have enough time to make sure you have taken everything.

Packing Cubes – Why You Need Them? Which One to Buy?

 Let’s start packing now!

1) Documents

I mean, no one wants to forget their boarding pass or passport, right? Always put all your travel documents in the same place and always check you have them before you go!

Basic Documents for your Tour
Basic documents for your trip

Passport, boarding passes, ID, driving license, accommodation documents – these are the things you should put in your bag and have easy access to. I always suggest making a photocopy of some of your documents, putting them in different bags and leaving some at home. Emergencies (like losing your passport) happen, and then having photocopies can be a lifesaver!

2) Medicines

No one wants to get ill while travelling, but it happens and you always need to be prepared – you will thank yourself later!

Carry your Basic Medicines
Carry your basic medicines

Take some paracetamol with you and I would definitely suggest taking some medicines for food poisoning, which happens a lot if you try cuisines in different regions! If you take some medicines on a daily basis, don’t forget to take them too!

3) Credit and Debit Cards

You obviously don’t want to end up without any money on the other side of the world.

Don't forget your Credit Cards
Don’t forget your credit cards

Before going, always check with your bank that your card will work in the country you are going to.

4) Mobile phone, charger, power bank, adapter

Your mobile phone is one of the most important things you must remember to take, but it’s no use if you forget the charger! Also, check if you need a power adapter – the best way is to buy an international power adapter that you can use almost everywhere in the world.

Don't forget your Phone!
Don’t forget your phone!

Take a power bank with you – another lifesaver if there is no place to charge your phone using a traditional charger or when you are on the go.

5) Toiletries & Cosmetics

Definitely don’t forget to take the following: toothbrush, toothpaste, face cleanser, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, sunscreen, deodorant, mini shower gel and shampoo (they are sometimes available in travel-friendly bottles of less than 100ml), and a hairbrush. For girls – try to take just a few absolute make-up essentials in miniature versions.

Toiletries and Cosmetics
Toiletries and cosmetics

You can also use some reusable containers where you can put only the amount you need.

6) Clothes and Footwear

Try to limit this part to the absolute minimum. Minimalist packing means you need to take the most essential things. Consider the weather in the region to which you are going and pack accordingly. Even if it’s usually hot, take one jacket – it might come in handy when the weather suddenly changes. Taking comfortable shoes is a must!

Clothes and footwear

You don’t want to end up with blisters after an hour of walking :).  A few T-shirts, one jumper, two pairs of trousers, socks, underwear – these are the essentials.

Packing Cubes – Why You Need Them? Which One to Buy?

7) Your favourite Book & Notebook + Pen

Whether you are a massive bookworm or not, I feel that if your backpack is big enough you should take your favourite book with you. I have been stuck at airports all around the world or bored during a flight and it has helped to kill the time in an enjoyable way.

Things to Pack for a Vacation
Carry your favourite book!

It is also worth taking a small notebook with a pen in case you need to write down some important information.

8) Headphones

If you are more into listening to music than reading, take a pair of headphones with you to listen to some relaxing music while you are waiting for your flight! 🙂

Things to Pack for a vacation
Pack your headphones

9) Camera

Don’t forget to take a camera to capture all the beautiful views and moments during your trip! Some people use their smartphones instead of cameras. Nowadays, a lot of smartphones take great photos too!

Things to Pack for a Vacation
Remember to capture some happy moments!

The things I mentioned here are absolute essentials! I hope you will find my article useful and that it will help you in some way! The list is general and designed to suit almost all types of travellers. If you go to a very specific place in the world, you may need to add a few more necessary things.

Packing Cubes – Why You Need Them? Which One to Buy?

About the Author of this blog post:

Ola is a student, a traveller, a language lover and a blogger currently living in China. During the summer of 2015 she lived in Thailand, where she taught English and earlier this year she was backpacking in South East Asia. Currently, Ola is exploring China!

Ola says

“I have managed to reduce significantly the amount of things I take with me when travelling. This makes my life on the road much easier and more flexible. I hope you will find my packing tips useful and if you want to find out a bit more about me and my travels all around the world, feel free to visit my blog”

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  1. I also keep a photocopy of all documents in my Dropbox so I can access them anywhere in the world should I lose the originals!

  2. Great list. I mostly always forget toothbrushes!

  3. Great suggestions. I will normally forget my headphones or the attachment for the new iphone. I really should make a list.

  4. If I pack too early – that’s when I forget things. Because I forget what went in, or rather didn’t, and then… Assembing piles of things, yes. Putting it all in the bags, absolutely the last minute.

  5. I pretty much always fail at allowing sufficient time. 🙂 I usually pack a few hours before I leave!!

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