Bagail Packing Cubes

Last year when we went on our amazing Mediterranean cruise, we kept running short of room in our luggage regardless of how we tried! That was when I came across Bagail Packing Cubes and realized how imperative they were to not just get everything in the luggage but also to remain beautifully organized!

Packing Cubes – The best ever packing accessory! I have tried 3-4 brands so far but I personally recommend my readers to try Their set of 6 packing cubes contain 3 different sizes that fit and sort everything efficiently and in style! Just to add, they are light weight too!

Once I started using Packing Cubes, I saw they have more benefits than just getting things in place! I have listed some reasons on why I consider Bagail Packing Cubes for my travels.

Holds More In Less Space!

Packing cubes helped me minimize the number of bags for the whole family. My husband and I use color coded cubes and compress them all in a single bag. This also makes packing together very pleasant!

Bagail Packing Cubes
Organize More in Less Space!

Sorts and Segregates!

Whether we travel for business or for a vacation these cubes sort everything we plan to lug! They make sure to hold our business outfit in one cube, beachwear in the other, casual wears in the next, and so on. This often inspires me to organize my luggage in the right way.

Mesh Top Panel for Ventilation and Identification!

Regardless of where we travel and what we pack, hunting items from our luggage has never been messy with these Mesh Top Cubes! The mesh also ensures our clothing breaths well and are odor free.

Bagail Packing Cubes
Bagail Mesh Top Cubes!

Stain, Wrinkle and Damage free!

Choosing the right size for our clothing will keep them wrinkle and damage free. The cloths remain stain free with the right segregation between the cubes! These cubes also adjust itself carefully in almost all luggage shapes and sizes (duffels, suitcases, backpacks etc.)!

Unpacking Becomes a Lot Easier!

As everything is well organized from the start, unpacking is hassle free! All I would do is keep the cubes in the hotel closet as soon as I reach my room! These cubes also act as great organizers in wardrobes at home.

Re-pack Without Missing a Single Item!

Since unpacking never becomes a hassle anymore with these cubes, re-packing is merely zipping and placing these cubes back in the luggage.

Increased Durability

I feel Bagail Cubes are made of high-quality material with beautifully done inner layers that increase its durability. The zippers appear strong with no weak stitching anywhere.

Bagail Packing Cubes
Increased Durability with Great Looks!

What do you get in this set? –

This Bagail Set has 6 Packing Cubes – 2 Large (17.5″ x 13.7″ x 4″) 2 Medium (13.7″ x 9.8″ x 4″) and 2 Slim (13.7″x5″x4″). There are also choices of 8 colors – Black, Blue, Burgundy, Dark Blue, Fuchsia, Gray, Pink and Purple and can be bought easily on Amazon.

To conclude, I have been very impressed with Bagail Products and I personally recommend them for its quality, ease and service. So whether you plan to go backpacking, camping, cruising or on a business travel, try these packing cubes and stay organized.

Bagail Packing Cubes
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  1. I’ve actually sort of been toying with the idea of getting packing cubes, it’s just hard because I’m so set in my ways haha. But I do feel like they offer a lot of benefits and they’re not crazy expensive either. Definitely something to think about.

  2. Love, love packing cubes! They save a houdini- style amount of space and I swear by them! Like you said, the mesh panel on these is a great feature for freshness.

  3. I’ve looked at packing cubes in a store (a different brand) and considered getting them, but the cost put me off. It seems a good idea for when you first set off on your trip. But as you travel, what do you do with dirty clothes? Does it go back into the same cube, with the risk of making the clean clothes smell, or do you keep a separate dirty clothing cube? If you do that, then the rest of the cubes will be half empty. Just curious how it works while you’re on the road…

    1. What I generally do is I always carry a light weight foldable laundry bag (or 2 small ones) with me so that I can keep putting the dirty cloths in that (assuming, I wouldn’t need them for the rest of my trip or until I find a place to wash them). Packing cubes often help me remain organised. Trust me, keeping all your dresses in one cube or all your tops in one will let you open just one bit of your luggage rather than running through the whole big bag :)…
      Also, these cubes are washable, just incase :)…

      I can understand you because my husband was of the same opinion too… He is just trying to use them these

  4. Thanks for such an amazing post! Im considering starting to use cubes!

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