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Santorini is a tiny island. Well, it is not as tiny as you could just walk and see around in a day, but yes, you could perhaps in one of their buses!

Why Should to try the Bus in Santorini?

Convenience – Buses are a common mode of transport in Santorini and even the locals are often dependent on it. Buses connect almost every little village in Santorini. They are easy to board at the many designated spots and they take you without any hassles!

Pyrgos Santorini
Pyrgos Santorini

Affordability – They are not only priced nominally but are also the best way to go around the island for cheap! Buses are also available during the night at a small premium on day prices. Students have a discounted price. Low season prices are almost half the peak season prices.

Cleanliness – Santorini buses are not the dingy and cluttered ones! They are absolutely well maintained and comfortable and the drivers also ensure that no one eats or drinks in the bus. This is a very strict policy and I have witnessed major fights amongst tourists and the drivers on this issue. All you are allowed to carry is a bottle of water if at all!

Safety – The drivers are very good at their job considering the main road in Santorini is a narrow one and has a two-way traffic! There are also some sharp turns all over the place and it is evident how beautifully they maneuver the vehicles making the least disruption in the busy street that has passersby, cycles and other vehicles everywhere!

Tickets can be purchased inside the bus.

Frequency of buses

The frequency is more in the summers/touristy season when people flock to see the island for several days and also when the cruises visit Santorini. For e.g. Fira to Oia there are buses once every 15-20 minutes during peak season.

Santorini for Cruisers – How to go to Oia?

In the winters, they are less frequent but are still available at least once every hour.

Here is the link to the Santorini Bus information. It will give you a detail of the Bus routes in Santorini. You can also find the price-list, map and the time table –

Take a short bus ride to Pyrgos for that excellent sunset and some Greek Wine Tasting at Santo Wines!

The Best Sunset Location in Santorini – Santo Wineries!

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