Compensation for Flight Delays and cancellations

Flight delays are very common in the flying scenario of the current times! According to The Wall Street Journal, more than 80% of flights globally, arrives on time. If these figures continue, all chances are weighted against the traveler! That said, it is true that closely one out of four travelers often experience a tour delay on airlines.

Journey delays are one of the main defeats people experience each time they are at the airport!

Compensation for flight delays and cancellations

We all should know that we can perhaps be paid as a result of such flight delays. Precautions in global travel regulations take care of passenger compensations during a flight delay. Yet, according to statistics, less than 3 percent of travelers actually seek any compensation for their delayed trip!

To make sure you are not in the 97% (who claim no compensation because of a trip delays), here are some ways to get an advantage when the flight is delayed or cancelled!

1) Buy a travel insurance

Buying a travel insurance goes without saying. This also possibly is one definite way to get our money back during a trip delay!  Most travel insurance plans offer a trip delay advantage. If any trip is delayed and falls within their listed factors (including all common carrier situations), passengers are eligible to cover costs up to the policy maximum!

Compensation for flight delays and cancellations
Read your travel insurance well!

We, however, must keep in mind that the hitches to these policies are in the fine print. For example, most travel insurance policies have a clause of minimum number of hours as ‘delay’ before they can approve a claim. This minimum “delay period” could be anywhere between 4 hours to 12 hours. Also, some plans might just cover costs occurred due to delay and not the over-all compensation.

Tip – Before you purchase a travel insurance policy, make sure to know what your trip delay benefit covers!

Please understand that travel insurance is absolutely important in all major travels! Read more on travel insurance here –

Travel Insurance – Why do you need?

Why do you need Travel Insurance?

2) Claiming compensation from the airline

There are very few policies regarding trip delays and cancellations. Only when one is involuntarily displaced from a flight within the United States, the airline is required to give a reimbursement for the affected flight. There are many airlines who give the basic benefits like providing free water/juices and snacks to displaced passengers. When a flight is full, airlines often request volunteers to give up their spaces. This is often in exchange of travel vouchers, hotel rooms or sometimes a blend of both. When there is a trip delay, it is wise to check what form of support the airline may give.

Compensation for flight delays and cancellations

Technically, there is no obligation for an airline to assist! They however often choose to help so as to keep their passengers happy!

3) Filing claim with the regulatory bodies

In definite circumstances where travelers are moved from the aircraft or are stuck, airlines are often obligated to compensate the delayed passengers. Travelers airborne on a schedule starting in Europe can receive compensation from their airline if their flight is delayed (by minimum of 3 hours) or cancelled.

Those flights which originate from the United States, compensate passengers when they are unwillingly displaced from an oversold flight and when they cannot make it to their destination within an hour of the scheduled arrival time. If we plan to use these benefits to our gain, we need to ensure that we know our rights and assert them at the gate. If we end up accepting any airline voucher (like in the situation above), we will immediately nullify our capacity to get any kind of recompense from the airline.

Compensation for flight delays and cancellations

4) Using claims services to get the money back

If you are not able to file a claim for your delayed or cancelled trip or if you are unsure where to start, you could look for assistance from the professionals. Some service providers assist in filing claims for delayed and cancelled flights. Often, these services evaluate on case basis. They file and follow on complaints and assist to get the compensation we are entitled to!

Although these services are great depending on situations, they often have a fee applied on the total compensation. It is between 12% to 18% of the total return.

Compensation for flight delays and cancellations

By knowing what we are entitled to in the event of a trip delay or cancellation, we may be able to profit with our unfortunate position.

The next time you are caught at an airport with such delays, keep these advantages in mind. That will definitely make the wait a whole lot calmer!

Compensation for flight delays and cancellations
Flight Delay Compensation – Pin for Later!
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  1. “very informative and nicely written. thank you :)”

  2. I love this post! So useful, thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. I recently started travelling with insurance. Back in the student days we would buy the cheapest tickets of course without any insurance and most of the times it would work fine. But when travelling further away, insurance is a must, I agree.

  4. Thanks for the tips girl! I work for a travel agency and some airlines are just so annoying with getting money back and delays…. But it’s good to have a travel insurance I agree!

  5. My husband recently got nearly £600 for a delayed flight from SFO to Heathrow – up until then I didn’t even know you could get that sort of thing! Well done for writing a useful post, I think most people are like me and don’t know what we’re really entitled to.

  6. Great advice! Too often we hear horror stories of delayed or cancelled flights without any recourse or compensation. Do you have any recommended companies that handle claims?

  7. Your intro doesn’t quite make sense but I guess what you’re trying to say is that we should take insurance out for flight delays and I totally agree with that. 🙂

    1. Not just the insurance part of it….. You are also eligible to get a sort of ‘benefit’ from the airline for the inconvenience caused (regardless of the insurance).. 🙂

  8. Good solid advice. I will read more carefully the insurance I make before a trips. I was not paying that much attention to it.

  9. Although I always take travel insurance, reading your post makes me realize just how important it really it. I think every traveler should be aware of these options. Thank you for the helpful post!

  10. It is good to know your rights! I am always such a pussy…

  11. One thing that we have learned over the years is that one must never think of traveling without travel insurance. Luckily we’ve learned this from other people’s follies and not our own. All too often people think of saving that tiny amount but fail to see the bigger picture especially if things go wrong!

  12. Great tips! A lot of credit cards have hidden benefits that people seldom take advantage of.! Definitely check that out to see if you have any coverage. Awesome post!

  13. Great tips! I recently started getting trip insurance for all my travels for the peace of mind.

  14. Really enjoyed your post!

  15. These are great tips…could have used them back in May when my flight was canceled. I will always be getting the insurance from now on!!

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