If you are looking for a Priority Pass Lounge in airside of Narita Terminal 1, then KAL Business Class Lounge is the only choice as of now. This lounge is located Airside (Satellite 2) after Passport Control near Gate 26 on the 3rd Floor (Terminal 1).

PIN to read later. KAL Business Class Lounge/Priority Pass Lounge, Narita Terminal 1

About the Lounge

KAL lounge is open only from 07:30 to 20:30 daily, with access restrictions when they are full (although I found it decently sized not too cramped).  The available seating is very basic which is okay to sit, read, and maybe to have a snack but nothing more than that. They have a reserved area for KAL first class passengers where the leather seats seemed slightly better but otherwise I didn’t see any reclining seats. The washrooms were well maintained even though the lounge seemed evidently understaffed. The staff was polite, nevertheless!


Coming to the food, they mostly had snacks. We were there sometime around 8:30AM last month. The lounge was about 80% full. At the refreshments counter, they had the following snacks –

  • about 4 selections of individually wrapped cookies and crackers,
  • distinctly enveloped packets of assorted bar nuts and treats,
  • about 2 croissant choices and 2 Danish options,
  • 3 different types of onigiri (1 was vegetarian),
  • 2 types of instant noodle packs (no vegetarian option here),
  • a vending machine of hot beverages and a beer vending machine,
  • 1 refrigerator with some sodas, water and canned juices and a few hard drinks.
Assortment of Snacks!
Cinnamon Roll that I had…

I can’t remember seeing any fresh fruits or salads – just these snacks. These snacks were good in taste. I was, however, slightly put off as there was no hot food available.

My Take on this Lounge

This is a bit less for a full-fledged airside airline lounge for several reasons like short open-hours, small kiosk of only elementary snacky refreshments and very rudimentary seating choice. While they do have a few good selections of hard drinks (self service) at the coffee vending machine, it is not a favored possibility at breakfast or lunch for instance, when most of them wish to have hot food which of course the lounge doesn’t serve.

Only if you have a free lounge access (via Priority Pass, credit cards or whatever that makes it free), I would recommend spending time here (because it is free!). If you are a basic Priority Pass customer who must pay $27 or more to enter, then please don’t! Also, if you are terribly hungry for good food, this is definitely not the place!

To me, with my free Priority Pass access and with a few vegetarian options here and there, I was okay for the 1 hour that I spent in this Lounge!

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