Minimum Funds needed for Schengen Visa

This is a tricky question and the answer will vary with different consulates within the Schengen zone.

Let us assume you have done the significant and would attach proofs along with the application –

  • You have already booked your flights and your hotels (or given proof of stay at a friend’s)
  • You also have a travel insurance as per their requirements.
  • Let us also consider you have a credit card statement showing them a big credit limit.

So what would the Schengen Union consider as the minimum bank balance?

There are some obvious known facts. For instance, Greece wants you to have a Min of 20 EURO per day per person, Germany wants you to have 45 Euros per day per person, Slovenia expects 70 Euros, Spain wants 60 Euros…. And the list goes on.

Below are two screenshots from immihelp –

Minimum Funds needed for Schengen Visa
Minimum Funds needed for Schengen Visa


Minimum Funds needed for Schengen Visa
Minimum Funds needed for Schengen Visa

In my opinion (and a practical opinion), for tours and for food (in Schengen region) you will need between 30-50 Euros per day per person depending on the location. This means for 2 people travelling together, you will definitely need 60-100 EUROS per day depending on your priorities. It would be high on some days and low on other, but overall you will definitely need that much.

The consulate doesn’t want you to have an unusual sum. All they want to ensure is you do have whatever minimum is needed to spend your days in their country. That way if things are not in place, you don’t depend on their economy!

Going by that, if you are showing a single bank account for 2 people, I would suggest you have a minimum of 1200-1500 Euros as balance in that account for 10 days. Divide it by half if it is half the duration! Whether or not you spend from this account is irrelevant – But for them to judge your credibility, this is the accepted way to prove!

Schengen Visa Requirements for Indian Passport Holders

Please keep these TIPS in mind…

Tip 1- If there is a sudden transfer of a huge sum in your Bank Account, just before applying the visa, then there is a chance of visa rejection due to uncertainly of financial stability. I won’t say that the visa will definitely be rejected, but it is a possibility!

 Tip 2 – if your credit card statement shows a lot of dues (or backlogs) and your Bank account balance doesn’t justify your purchases on the credit card, then there are high chances they will reject your visa for instability. For Eg., Let us assume you have $X carry-forward on your credit card. On the other hand, you have just shown $X or less available in your account too! This could cause a financial stability concern. Please make sure you take care of having the least mismatch as possible.

Below are my inputs on how one may avoid a Schengen Visa Rejection!

Schengen Visa – Rejection Reasons and Remedies

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