Touryard is my little yard where I intend to share my travel stories, experiences and as many travel tips as I can.

I was born in Mumbai, India and I spent 11 years of my early life in that remarkable city. My love for travel started early when I moved cities as a kid. That was also when I started enjoying different cultures. I relocated to Bangalore as I got my first corporate job in 2005 and I have been frequently wandering ever since! My husband and I are both IT consultants by profession and share a mutual hobby of travelling! I enjoy travels of all themes and I am always squiggling plans for our next tour to come!

TouryardAs a couple, we enjoy exploring new places, capturing handsome pictures, knowing different culture-types and of course trying out new cuisines. Talking of food, I follow a lacto vegetarian diet. I am a critic of this in my own panache and often enjoy checking out visually engaging restaurants. For those wondering about my food habits and travels going together – In spite of being a vegetarian, I have never fallen short of awesomeness in my fare during any of my travels!

We travel domestic and international equally and enjoy taking all modes of transport. We also try engaging in adventure activities like Bungee jumping, Scuba Diving and the like! From road trips to sea/river cruising, we have done most of it and we believe there is a lot yet to see.

Do follow me on Touryard and I promise you, I will try my best to help you as much as I can with my first hand travel experiences. Do leave a note if there is anything specific you want me to write about. Whether you want to hear about specific travel experiences, destination inputs or even tips on vegetarian food, I will try and respond as best as I can.