Pyramids of Giza Egypt

Although we spent about 2 weeks in Egypt, our main intention, of course, was to see the Pyramids of Giza to witness the unexplained!

Pyramids of Giza Egypt
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Why should you see the Pyramids?

Yeah, it still amazes me when I think about the pyramids and wonder why I or anyone would want to see these empty high rising structures! Well, the fundamental human need to construct these massive structures and to be dumbstruck by its monumentality is the very reason one should visit the 4500 years old Giza Necropolis built close to River Nile.

While it is evident that pyramids were burial memorials, there is a debate on the principles which raised them. A prevalent reason for its construction was the resurrection of the respective royal members. It is also evident that more popular the Pharaoh, bigger would be his pyramid!

These captivating Egyptian pyramids were definitely a lot more than simply tombs for monarchs. The mysteries about their symbol and strategy have inspired not just the historians but all of us! It is also probable that many of these anonymities will remain a mystery!

Which are the Main Pyramids of Giza?

There are three which are important and which are famous as the Pyramids of Giza! These three belonged to the same bloodline – Grandfather, son and grandson!

1. The Great Pyramid or the Pyramid of King Khufu is the largest of the three in Giza and is close to 145 meters. Khufu (Cheops) was the 4th Dynasty Egyptian Ruler and was popular in his era. It took close to 20 years and 2 lakh men to complete this pyramid in shape. It has three chambers including the king’s and the queen’s chamber at the top and the bedrock at the base.

The Great Pyramid - Pyramid of King Khufu
The Great Pyramid

Originally, there was a layer of powdered limestone casing the core structure. However, most of this was later used to build the Citadel in Egypt in the 12th C.  The Great Pyramid is an important illustrative of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World.

2. The Pyramid of Khafre (Chephren) is the second largest of the three at 136 meters. It was for Pharaoh Khafre who was the son of Khufu. As it is on a 10m high base, the pyramid only appears to be taller than his father’s Pyramid. The Great Sphinx was constructed during his era as a guardian angel to his Pyramid.

Sphinx Front View - Pyramids of Giza
Sphinx Front View – Pyramids of Giza

There was a large rock ahead of Khafre’ s pyramid which interfered in the aesthetics. Hence, they carved the rock into a body of a lion with a head of a human. It was a good luck charm for the Pharaoh. It was later popular as a ‘blessing symbol’ in the Egyptian civilization!

3. The Pyramid of Menkaure is the smallest of the three at 65.5 meters and belongs to Pharaoh Menkaure. He was the son of Khafre and the grandson of Khufu. He was comparatively a kind and generous ruler than his predecessors.

Within the Pyramids Vicinity - Pyramids of Giza
Within the Pyramids Vicinity – Pyramids of Giza

There are about 125 other Pyramids in Egypt other than the 3 massive ones in Giza. The oldest are at in Saqqara and Memphis. Few others are in Zawyet el’Aryan, Madium, Dahshur, Abu Rawash, Abusir, Dara, Lisht, Ellahun, Hawara, Mazghuna, and Abydos. There are several of these pyramids which are incomplete for no concrete reasons.

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  1. What a fantastic post. I’ve always wanted to visit Egypt. I am obsessed with Egyptian history.

  2. Ahhhh the Pyramids. That was the first stop of my Egypte trip, and it is so stunning …
    Although I was a bit disappointed by the Sphinx … Didn’t you think it would be much bigger? And like, in the middle of the desert !! But very cool anyway !!

  3. Nice info about the pyramids. I love places with history. Makes me feel like I’m a part of it.

  4. How those pyramids withstood time really amaze me.

  5. Egypt doesn’t even look real to me! It’s more like a scene out of ancient times that we only read about in books. I’d love to go there someday! Did you ever feel unsafe?

  6. The pyramids of Giza have been on my bucket list for far too long… I almost feel as though I’ve missed my chance as so many travel companies are telling me not to go to Egypt anymore. I don’t think I’ll listen to them…

  7. Great photos and some interesting facts too 🙂

  8. What are the mysteries though? Are there secret passage ways in all the pyramids? It seems on the surface they’re just memorials, but do they have a deeper meaning? Great thought provoking article 🙂

  9. You seem to really know your stuff! I’d love to visit Egypt someday 🙂

  10. Thinking of going next year. So this post came right in time.

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